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Welcome to Never Stop Dreaming, a tribute to Mystina (Meltina) from the game Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. Mysty's been one of my favorite characters ever since I first played the game, and this is my way of showing it. This text-only fansite currently houses a number of pages analyzing Mystina's character, which you can browse using the links below.

Please be aware that this site contains unmarked spoilers everywhere past the introduction, so if you've not played the game (which you should), steer clear. This site is also home to the TFL-approved Mystina fanlisting, located here.

introduction an introduction to mystina and valkyrie profile
story a summary of events
overview a look at her character
traits a self-proclaimed narcissist
role functions as a character
unworthy heroine not meant for valhalla
escapism dead while alive
bifrost path to all the gods' knowledge
lezard the mad genius
valkyrie chooser of the slain
others those who influenced her
fanlisting join the fanlisting
site info about this site
links links to related sites

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Heaven's Requiem
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