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The first thoughts of a Mystina site entered my mind in the spring of 2008, after replaying Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth for the umpteenth time. She'd always been my favorite einherjar, and I found her character intriguing. Though I got an outline for the site done and opened a fanlisting for her, nothing past that ever materialized, and I closed the fanlisting, not thinking I'd ever get around to doing the fansite.

But when the Girl Mode site challenge was announced at Amassment, Mystina was my first thought. Due to time constraints, actual construction on the site did not begin until December 2009, and it was opened on 31 December 2009. I'm very grateful to the marathon for getting me to make a site I'd wanted to for so long. In October 2010, I adopted the Mystina fanlisting from Asato of, who had reopened it after I closed it.

So why Mystina? She's always been a character that interested me. Why would an intelligent, beautiful, narcissistic woman want to never stop dreaming? That question whas what made me want to explore her character through a shrine. I've certainly come to understand her better in the process, and I hope that goes for you as well. If you have any comments about this site, feel free to leave a message in the guestbook.


This shrine could not have been possible without the translations from the Valkyrie Profile Material Collection by Myaru, which can be read here and here. Since there's a lot the game doesn't tell us about Mystina, these translations were instrumental in forming the basis for my analyses. I'm very grateful to the translator for allowing me to use her work.

This site would also not have been possible without the game FAQ by SYusup, which includes the game script and saved me from having to marathon the game again for this site.

There are some graphical credits as well. The brushes used were found at BrushKing, the background pattern is by chamberten (defunct), and the sketches used in the layout were scanned from the Material Collections by dazol (defunct). Shading is by me.

Finally, the Valkyrie Profile Wiki was used for some basic fact checks, and Wikipedia helped in researching the Bifrost section. Last but not least, I must thank Carolyn for helping me proofread and edit the site.

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